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SurajPal offers an online website, and mobile application SurajPal - Relocation Leads for Partner, so before moving further, read the following terms and conditions to know better about SurajPal.

Surajpal Relocation Leads for Partner helps people book online services. It also helps to track and manage all the ongoing activities. Start from its head-office located in Delhi.

Terms and conditions- used to know more about the Suraj and ways how to operate the Website, application. To learn about different services provided by SurajPal, used for monitoring.

Activity participation in the Website or mobile application will know about your acceptance of the terms written below. If you do not follow or accept any rule written below, avoid operating the Website or mobile application for any information therein.

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  • Services provided by Website and app refers as "Service."
  • The services mentioned above offered by the Website refer as "Service Provider."
  • Requesting and purchasing services refer as "Service User."
  • To know about any person's access or viewing or any participation happens in the Website refers as "User," "You," and "Your."

This Website is valuable and accessible only for people 18 years old or above older age. It is a legal and perfect age to operate the Website. And 18 is the minimum age criteria, so never violate the terms and dignity.

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