Privacy Policy

Suraj Pal understands the privacy of every individual data, so it has an option of Privacy Policy that ensures how the personal data got collected and stored by us.

Read the below Privacy Policy to build your trust in Surajpal.

Modifications: All the terms and conditions and Privacy policies got updated from time to time. After every 30 days or regularly, the website and mobile application got updated.

Warranty and Limitations: There is no limited data present on the website or application. So before accessing the website or mobile application, make sure you attempt it at your own risk. There is no warranty available.

Expose: If your data get exposed outside the website or third party in the case due to any reason. If any information got deleted. Leaked, removed, or edited, the company is liable for any cyber-crime or hack.

Virus: Company is not responsible if any virus, bugs, Trojan Horses got transferred to your device and damages it. Please be aware.

Transactions: The company is not responsible for any transaction between the service provider and the service user. The person himself is responsible for any fraud and cyber-crime.

Copyright: All the images, logo, branding, advertisement, trademark available on the website and mobile application are original.

Copyright Infringement: If you see any of our content on any pirated website, let us know via [email protected]. (Before mentioning any complaint, note the details).

Payment and Refund policy: You can avail of free services through the website. And if we talk about the refund policy, then through the service provider, you are eligible for a refund. But for a certain period, this policy is available.

Termination: If someday you are not interested in using the website or mobile application, you can terminate your account on the website or mobile application.

Resolving disputes: If there are any disputes related to the mobile application website, we can resolve them without any issue.

Governing law: Surajpal is a website verified from the court of Bangalore and properly licensed.

Follow all the terms and conditions along with Privacy Policy to know about Surajpal.

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